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seniors brushing their teeth

Ageing with your dentist: Your oral health needs as you move through life.

As we move through life, we experience many ups and downs, and that is true of our teeth as well. Maintaining a good oral health routine is critical to your lifelong health. While we may encounter bruxism, damage, or an occasional filling, your dentist is with you through the whole process to ensure the longevity […]

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Purple dental tools - mouthwash, toothbrush, dental picks and toothpaste.

Two Peas In a Pod: Why Brushing and Flossing Go Hand-in-Hand

It might sound like a broken record for us to tell you that brushing and flossing your teeth is the foundation of a healthy mouth, but it’s true––and it's often neglected. In this blog, we’re going to look at why these two tasks are necessary for a healthy smile.

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Little plastic teeth figures with smiles with a dentist's mirror and pick

Saskatoon, Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Regularly.

At Midtown Dental, we can say with certainty that the number one way our patients neglect their oral health is by failing to keep a regular check-up schedule. Regular visits to your dentist are vital to maintaining your oral health –– even if you think everything is fine! Continue reading to find out why we recommend […]

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Woman holding her face in pain and frustration from the dental issue:bruxism

Stress & Your Teeth: How to Manage Bruxism

Your dentist can see your habits like a map on your teeth. One thing we notice a lot as dentists is Bruxism. When we encounter stress and anxiety in our day to life, that can often cause physiological responses in our body, and have consequences for our teeth! This blog will tell you all about […]

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What causes bad breath (halitosis) and could it be a symptom of other issues?

What causes bad breath (halitosis) and could it be a symptom of other issues? Having bad breath can be embarrassing and harmful to our health if it is chronic. There are several causes for bad breath (otherwise known as halitosis) that range from lifestyle to serious medical conditions. Let's discuss these situations in greater detail […]

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Two Peas In a Pod: Why Brushing and Flossing Come Hand-in-Hand

Two Peas In a Pod: Why Brushing and Flossing Come Hand-in-Hand Brushing and Flossing, it's a subject we deal with every time we go to the dentist. After a while, it begins to feel like white noise. Sure, we all know that brushing is important, but flossing seems kind of redundant. Do we really need […]

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Quit the Chattering: How to Deal with Your Dental Anxiety

Quit the Chattering: How to Deal with Your Dental Anxiety You're eating popcorn then all of a sudden you feel it, the dreaded toothache. Instantly your palms get sweaty you may even get knots in your stomach. Dental anxiety is more common than you would think. It's estimated that around 80 percent of Americans have […]

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Dentist holding toothbrushes with different head and bristle design for various oral needs

Oral Care: Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Oral Care: Choosing the Right Toothbrush When it comes to choosing the right toothbrush, it can be a bit confusing because of the many sizes, colours, and types of bristle you can choose from. Throw the electric toothbrushes into the mix, and you can surely get lost in the dental aisle. The question becomes: “Which […]

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Freshly blended fruit smoothies of various colors and tastes in glass jars. Yellow, red, green. Turquoise blue background

Smoothies and Fruit Juices: Are They Bad for the Teeth?

Studies have shown that smoothies and fruit juices actually have more sugar in them than a can of soda.   Although fruit juices are healthier for the body when compared to soda, they are not so healthy for our teeth. While fruit juices contain concentrated amounts of nutrients found in fruits, such as vitamins A […]

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