Dental Esthetics

All dentistry performed should have consideration of esthetics. All dentistry performed should also have consideration of strength and durability. Ideally a compromise would not exist, the starting point would be ideal, and cost would never be a factor.

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In treatment, all outcomes must be considered and expectations match. It is a balance of all factors involved. Fortunately, advances are always being made to have these realms on the same page.

Within this domain would be veneers, bonding, whitening, etc. It is anything done to mask or alter that which was previously there and maximizing esthetics as the outcome. There is no such sub-specialty. However, outcomes can be maximized with sound treatment planning, execution, and commitment to preventative maintenance.

We take great pride in offering esthetic enhancements with excellence in execution. We are protective of our patients. We offer the latest proven advancements while filtering out the gimmicks. In our patient’s earned trust we carry out these procedures to fulfill any dental wants and not just needs. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we choose not to ‘sell’ such procedures or misrepresent as ‘needed’. However, as self-consciousness can often reside in a person’s smile, we love to help people! Ask how we can help!